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Sekai no Owari in LA 20160817

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Aug. 19th, 2016 | 10:15 pm

Sekai no Owari in LA 20160817

In which, Sekai No Owari was great + I failed to be a fangirl

Artist: Sekai no Owari / End of the World
Date: Wednesday, August 19th, 2016
Time: 8pm-9pm
Location: Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, LA

- The show opened around 8:20PM.

- My sister said she already saw them hiding behind the curtains 10 minutes before the show.

- Fukase tripped on a wire when he first came on stage. Perhaps it wasn't noticeable, but I noticed it.

- 4-5 people stood in front of me, yet I was perhaps only 10 meters away from the stage. I had a pretty clear view of Fukase.

- Sometimes I tried to look at Saori, Nakajin, and DJ Love. It was pretty hard because people blocked my view on either side. I had to turn at an angle to see Nakajin properly. Meanwhile trying to catch a glimpse of Saori was hopeless. I found it difficult to look at DJ Love although I had a clear view of him behind Fukase because of his mask. I don't find his mask scary, but I realized it's hard to look at a person when you don't know where he's looking or can't see his facial expressions.

- The volume was perfect. We could clearly hear Fukase's vocals and the music. Fukase's live vocals are love and life. His voice is my most favorite in the world for a reason.

- Everyone looks great irl. Fukase especially looks so much better in person. I would describe Fukase as beautiful while Nakajin, from the little I saw, is handsome. I can't say much about the others because I didn't get a clear view of everyone tbh and I was too shy to look properly.

- Fukase's GF came. She's probably staying with SNO for their trip in the U.S. She came out of the theatre with her son when we were in line and she returned backstage when we were in the venue. Some people recorded her walking past with her son who covered his face. I think she was helping to cover his face as well? I think it's pretty great of her as a parent to protect him. She's so small and tiny.

- At the beginning of the show, she came out onto this balcony at the side to watch the performance.

- My sister is obsessed with Fukase's GF for some reason (and kept saying how pretty she is) and kept looking up at the balcony throughout the show. Sometimes later she told me it's so sweet how Fukase kept throwing glances at his GF while he was singing. I don't know if that's true because my attention was mainly riveted on him and I didn't see him look though. Maybe I was just too focused on hearing than properly seeing.

- The show ended in about 30-40 minutes. At the end, the SNO members came to the edge of the stage and extended their hands. The crowd surged forward to touch them and although I had no intention to budge I was swept forward as well, but alas I didn't even dare to try to touch any of the members' hands because rigid, stiff me refused to try.

- We called encore for about 10 minutes. SNO came back out on stage and Saori confessed that they had sung all of the English songs they had prepared. The crowd cheered and basically screamed that we were fine if they sung in Japanese, but after a brief meeting onstage SNO decided to call it a night and they left but Nakajin. Tbh, we were all really, really disappointed. I think Nakajin's great to stay behind and basically say goodbye to the crowd again though. He extended his hands again and again the crowd surged. I successfully stood my ground this time.

- VIP Meet and Greet started like 20 minutes after the show ended, which during the interlude I found the merchandise booth and bought a cap. I'm not a fan of pink, but I'm so glad the main bg color is black though.

- SNO came out onto the main floor to get to a room where the Meet and Greet would be held and that room has another door leading outside where we exited right away after shaking their hands.

- The line for the Meet and Greet rounded so that the end was close to the door. In the short moment before it began, we (or my sister at firs) saw Nakajin through the doorway. My sister waved and Nakajin oh-so-kindly waved back. Then I noticed my sister waving and looked and saw Nakajin smiling and waving at her (and at us) and this is the part I will always regret the most: I burst out laughing because of how freaking surreal it was. Because danggit, Nakajin is such a cool and nice person and I was so shy and embarrassed. So I stupidly did not wave back. T________________T Eventually he stopped waving and turned his attention to listen to some instructions by some other person. I just hope with all my heart that he wasn't offended by my stupid laughter which was me freaking out.

- Meet and Greet was over in like 2 seconds. I covered the lower half of my face with my left hand and shook their hands with my right. My sister ahead of me was much, much more eloquent and thanked them and asked them to come again. I heard her and could only mutter thank you in time because I basically copied her. I didn't even get a good look at the SNO members' faces because I couldn't meet their eyes. I'm a waste of space and breath. I might have mixed this up, but first was DJ Love, then Nakajin, then Fukase, then Saori. Only around Saori I collected my head enough to tell her that she was beautiful. I love that Saori is always smiling.

- They are small! I'm 152cm and I wore like 5cm heels because this was a standing live show and it would suck to not see above people's heads. Well, Saori and maybe Fukase was just around my height with my heels. My sister's boyfriend lamented on the fact that Saori's hands are tiny while my sister raved about how soft their hands are. I didn't notice until they said it.

- Some fans were waiting outside the theatre, but we left right away because it was already dark out and we were walking back to our hotel.

This was my first live show ever and I suck at being a fangirl. This was a good chance to learn more about myself - that is, I recognized that I will probably never do this again which is going out of my way to meet celebrities or watch a live show in person. I will go back to being very happy that there is a screen that separates me from my favorite celebrities because I can't allow myself to be a fangirl in front of them and thus I will only collect regrets if that happens. T__T Going to an Arashi concert will always be a dream anyway.

Also, Fukase was always my bias because I love his voice and he's cute, but that night Nakajin's personality stole my heart.

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(no subject)

from: kiriezero
date: Aug. 22nd, 2016 08:59 pm (UTC)

awww, but if you go to an Arashi concert you will see them from a great distance so it shouldn't be a problem ;)
I'm pretty sure I would start crying if I see an artist I love so close ^^U I always imagine (or want to be that way) that if I see someone I would act calm and maturely but I'm also sure I wouldn't be able to control the shaking in my body and wouldn't be able to say long phrases either XD

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(no subject)

from: kanu_x
date: Aug. 27th, 2016 01:55 pm (UTC)

That's right. Arashi will never do a handshake event and I will never ever get as close to them as I did Sekai no Owari. That's a great benefit of JE, in my perspective lol (I actually like how distant they are). Though with how they're doing tickets now even if I change my mind going to an Arashi concert probably won't happen unless JE cares about intl fans :/

Lol, I always thought I would start crying once I get close to my fav artists, but I guess my brain kicked into gear and my heart stopped working. In the end I collected thoughts and observations in desperate hopes of trying to memorize the special event instead of being in the moment and just feeling.

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