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anime - why can't I stop thinking about Arashi?

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Jul. 26th, 2015 | 01:16 pm

So I gave up on Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works and started on this sports anime called Haikyuu because I wanted to watch a sports anime.

Lo and behold! Within 6 minutes, the main characters' friends call him "SHO-CHAN", Sho-chan entered the court and said air "SALONPAS" and then the rival arrived and is named "KAGEYAMA." And it's a volleyball sports anime. ahhhhh, I miss Arashi, I want to watch something Arashi even though I just started on this anime, lol.

That aside, the Shiyagare yesterday with Haruma made me really want to watch Evangelion. That one clip, as short as it was, was awesome. Summer Wars is another thing altogether; reminds me too much of Digimon the Movie.

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from: kiriezero
date: Jul. 27th, 2015 02:21 pm (UTC)

wow!!!!! that sounds pretty amazing O.O!!! and I'm all into "dark and twisted and disheartening" stories :P I'll give it a try! ^--^b I should start with Stay night, right?

ah, maybe? I can't remember well ^^U
well, Evangelion seems big but it's actually just Gainax trying to make more money with remakes and stuff XDDDD
You should start with the original 26 episodes anime. Gainax was out of budget in the last two episodes so they made a pretty weird introspective end so they didn't have to spend more money XD you can stop there, or forget that episodes 25-26 exist and continue to the first movie: Death and Rebirth. The first part of the movie is just a recount of the anime but the second part has new scenes (as far as I remember). Then go to the disturbing "End of Evangelion" movie to get a "real" end. That's all ^-^
Now they made remake movies that tell the story all over again but have some mayor differences at some points so we don't really know what is going to happen :s
You can either watch the whole original series or just skip it and go to the new movies, but probably the story, overall feeling and personality of the characters would make it a different experience. I think it's more fun to watch the original first and then see the differences with the new version :P
hmmm, if you ask me, I would recommend it because it's a classic and it's pretty good, but it's also very gloomy, dense and gory... it starts as your average mecha anime but the second half is a deep hole of angsty darkness...

oh, so then it's not that common to work in a different field! thanks for the clarification! I saw this trope in many series so I was really confused about how college/work worked in other places... I wish it were like that here, like one day I woke up in the morning saying "nah, forget about everything! I'll look for a job to be a sea food chef! :D" LOL
I think I even saw it in Castle, the detective said she went to college and I was "why did she go to college and then became a detective??? do they need college to go to the police academy???" XD

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from: kanu_x
date: Jul. 27th, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC)

I finished Haikyuu!! Well, the first season. The second season will be coming out in the fall and I can't wait for it patiently enough T__T. I binged it and it was awesome!

Wow, it's great that you're interested. Yep, Fate/Stay Night, the first path, came out years ago and the animation may be a bit old fashioned. The second path is Unlimited Blade Works and third is Heaven's Feel (which I think is only a movie). There's also Fate/Zero which is the prequel (happens 10 years prior) but I recommend you to only watch this afterwards because it's unnecessary unless you just want to know much more about the previous holy grail war. Do give Fate/Stay series a try in the future when you're in the mood and it'll be fun to know what you think.

I'm surprised about Evangelion. I thought the series was 100+ episodes and while I do love those overly long series its hard to start something that daunting. If the original series is only 26 episodes then I guess I'll give it and a go soon after I stop mourning over Haikyuu not being out soon enough. Afterwards I may start on the movie perhaps. Yey.

I think in some countries and it may be the case for Japan, although it's only a theory and I wouldn't know for real, sometimes you have the option of doing a wide range of things just as long as you have a college degree and what that degree is doesn't matter. I wonder why that is. I know that to actually teach English in Japan you don't even need a teaching or English degree, you just need a BA in whatever field (my sister wants to teach there, that's why I know).

Edited at 2015-07-27 06:21 pm (UTC)

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from: kiriezero
date: Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:20 pm (UTC)

I'll give it a try! I'll try to find the first Stay/Night online... I alredy saw the second one is on Crunchyroll! :D thanks for the recommendation! ^---^
hehe I wonder what will you think of Evangelion :P people can either feel sorry for Shinji or hate him for being weak... I'm in the sorry side! XD
I just read what a BA is and yep, we have pretty different systems.... here, you have to study the classes of the career you choose, no more, no less... if you don't aprove them all, you can't graduate; if you want to take a class of another career, you can't because the credits' system is made to be exactly the same amount of credits of your obligated classes and the class-taking process won't let you take something that doesn't have your career code anyway.... and if you're super smart and want to take more classes than the ones you're meant to take in a year, you can't, because you can't take more than a certain amount of credits per semester.... we have the most unflexible educational system in the world! T-T

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