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Arashi's dances and choreos

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Nov. 28th, 2014 | 01:12 am

I spent the last few hours watching, for the first time, fans/non-fans dancing to Arashi songs with Arashi choreos. Since I appreciated the non-cut rehearsal-like version of Zero-G so much, well, unsurprisingly these dances amazed me. Arashi's dances look so nice from the front without no particular angling or special effects at all! It's so awesome being able to see the whole thing, to see how it all comes together, just to see it in it's full glory how the choreographers intended it. I wish Arashi did something like they did for Zero-G more often.


Now knowing how interesting the dances are maybe I'd go batshit insane fangirling if I were to go to a concert and see the glorious dances by Arashi uncut and enhanced by the entire atmosphere with the music and their singing blasting in my ears.
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